35 Year Old Father Of One Decides To Leave Grandma’s House but Grandma Isn’t Very Happy About It.

The 35-year-old Prince Harry of the UK monarchy who is also a father of one has decided to leave his Grandmother’s house to live with just his wife and newborn child. This issue has raised a lot of attention to the royal family. Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, at the peak of her life had similar confrontations with the royal family. Is history going to repeat?

Prince Harry’s decision to renounce his royal duties raises so many questions. The royal family is definitely doing their best to curb this situation. There is certainly more news to come up after the family has finally resolved the issue and we all look up this.

It is obvious that the Prince is set to lose millions of dollars he earns from his family, either way, the prince is worth 60 million dollars and Meghan, 7.6 million dollars. They are far from ever becoming poor.

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