Blogger 101: Find Out What Your Favourite Blogger Does To Arrive At That Awesome Post

Were you considering creating a blog? Do you already have a blog but struggling to upload some really good content? At some level, this is something every blogger encounters. But some great tips are essential to guarantee that we compose the best blog posts

#1 – Creating a Plan

It seems easy for most of us to know what to write on, but some people will sit down and write and end up with absolutely nothing This will be prevented by creating a plan. To set the ball rolling, settle on a subject and then begin the research process. Begin structuring the post template when studying by creating subheadings and keywords. This will keep you concentrated and prevent you from getting out of context Check the facts, but don’t depend on Wikipedia alone. Wikipedia has some great information, but it’s not 100 per cent correct in fact. If the data is considered to be incorrect, our followers can press these unsubscribe buttons too easily.

Source: Social Gazette

The Perfect Headline

Headlines that deceive the audience won’t facilitate a dedicated blog following. Anything brief and precise is a characteristic of a headline that attracts an audience and doesn’t misinform. Most people will have an idea on what the blog is going to be about.

How to Write

Creating a blog post isn’t quite a fast process like many assume it is. Whether it’s produced in a session or over a few days, the readers can sense it as long as the excitement is there. Readers were attracted to blogs because the author has a personal connection. Essentially, this is the writer’s extension. Reading a blog written by a bored writer is only a painful experience overall. Don’t get the content forced. Let it flow out of the creative space within. To keep the audience captivated, there needs to be some enthusiasm, or they won’t click on “subscribe.”


A picture says a thousand sentences, and for a blog this is real. Even with superb prose, the overall look of the post will end with a couple of good photos relevant to the subject. Always use high-quality images and appear as professional as possible. Pictures of the stock type are the highest quality option. Keeping to a similar image size would give a great sense of coherence throughout the page throughout all posts

Source: Social Gazette

How to Edit

The most important and final step. Go multiple times through the post. Examine it for spelling, grammar check, and then check it again. Reading the post and listening to how it sounds will help. Be cautious not to repeat and add details that are irrelevant. As a second check, find someone to review the information. The entire objective of a good article is to have people coming back for more, this is not going to be achieved by poor editing. There’s really no perfect blog. There’s always going to be a critic and that’s all right. Practice, like everything else, makes it easier and with each article, it will get stronger. The key is to stick to it and not get discouraged because it hasn’t happened overnight. It may take months or even years to become lucrative for a blog.

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